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  • COMPLETE RANGE The new range of miter saws (modular and exchangeable) can be customized according to the customer's needs.

Chain conveyors

  • Loaders, log / log loading systems, separators

Roller conveyor

  • Conveyors smooth rollers, rubberized, knurled, biconical,

  • separation systems, pressers, feeders, pullers etc

Laminated wood presses

  • Cold presses for laminated wood, manual or hydraulic


  • conveyor belts, wood chips, vibrating, vibrating channels

Chain transport

  • Chain transport

Special machines

  • platform lifts, 

  • rain glueing machines

  • Soundproofing cabins

  • nails extraction machine

  • vibrating shelves,

  • separators 

Stacking systems

  • stacking system at robotised portal, suction cup , or forklift

Electrical panels 

  • electrical control panels and software management

Turn panels machines

  • Machine for turning panels


  • system unpacking

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